Ancient boab tree for saleEvery boab tree is unique. They have character and personality as you would expect of such an ancient creature. Some individual boab trees are 2000 years old and older, which makes them the oldest living beings in Australia, and puts them amongst the oldest in the world.

Aboriginals used the giants as shelter, food and medicine. For the white settlers they served as easily recognisable land marks and meeting points, and not to forget as impromptu prison cells.

The Australian boab tree (Adansonia gregorii) is related to the Madagascan and African Adansonia species known as baobabs. Like its relatives it is sometimes called a "bottle tree", but we locals refer to the trees as just boabs.

A Mature Boab Tree is a Sight to Behold

Though not exceptionally high, up to 15 metres, they appear huge. The name bottle tree relates to the swollen trunk that can reach a massive girth of up to 20 metres.

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If that isn't enough, scores of people make annual pilgrimages to Madagascar and Thailand to sit and meditate in presence of these ancient beings!

Can you imagine benefitting from one of these incredible and ancient creatures?... What a pressence they possess, they are unequivocally unique!