What species of feature tree are available?

We predominately stock mature Grass trees, Dragon trees, Queensland bottle trees, and Olive trees, and can also supply Boab and WA Christmas trees to order. Our feature trees come in a wide range of mind-blowing aesthetics of sizes and configurations.

Can I buy online?

Yes! A wide selection of sizes and shapes of feature trees are available to view and buy online. View our online selection of species here.

Is my grass tree purchase helping to protect the species?

Yes! Our Grass trees are harvested under licence from areas that are being cleared for urban development. Your purchase saves these ancient trees from the bulldozer for you and future generations to enjoy.

How does installation work?

We offer a fully installed service for $120 per hour, which includes transporting your feature tree(s) on our crane truck and labour. Installation costs depend on your situation, but typically require 1-1.5 hours. 

Do you guarantee that my feature tree will survive?

Yes! If we install your feature tree(s), we will guarantee their survival and replace any tree that dies. Our stock is potted and nurtured for 18 months, and our advanced root conditioning system gives our plants the best possible chance.

How do I care for my feature tree?

All trees come with simple step-by-step planting and after care guide. Follow these steps and your feature tree will flourish and be virtually maintenance-free.

We also offer a post-planting service, and can visit your site every 6 months to inspect your feature tree(s) and take care of any maintenance.

Can I buy a tree as a gift?

Yes! Our feature trees are the ultimate gift. They make the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, mothers and fathers' day, or as the perfect thank you gift. 

You can also purchase non-expiring gift vouchers and let your loved one choose the feature tree best suited to their home or location.

Can I Lay by my feature tree(s)?

Yes! Layby is available. Just make a 25% deposit and pay your balance within 6 months. If you're still not ready for your tree(s) to be installed, we will hold it for you free of charge until you are ready.

Do you export to international customers?

Yes! Global/export orders are not a problem. Call Mike on +61 400 712 712 to discuss your international purchase.

How long does delivery take?

If you buy from one of our display centres, delivery can be arranged within 3 days, or otherwise at your convenience. Interstate orders can be easily managed, with a delivery time of approximately two weeks. International delivery is approximately 6 weeks.

Can you help me move my existing mature tree?

Yes! With our expertise and specialised equipment, we can transplant, store for future use, maintain, and relocate any kind of tree.

Can I become I retailer and stock Margaret River Trees?

Yes! We can provide stock on consignment or by other arrangement so that you can turn heads and draw attention to your business. Pubs, restaurants, cafes, service stations, and landscape supplies are just some of our growing number of business partners. No matter where you are (local, interstate or international), call Mike on 0400 712 712 to discuss how you can join our retail team.

Can I select my own grass trees from the bush where you harvest?

Yes! We harvest our grass trees in Western Australia under licence. Ask to join our Harvest Direct Notification List and we will accompany you into the bush, help you extract them responsibly, and load them onto your truck or trailer. We'll even give you a 50% discount! Harvest direct opportunities typically require 2-3 days' notice.

Did you used to be called Margaret River Grass Trees?

Yes! We are one and the same. We recently changed our name to Margaret River Trees because we've expanded our selection of species and are now famous for supplying mature Dragon Trees, Olive trees, Bottle trees, and of course our magestic Grass trees.

Do you have another question? 

Contact us today and let our friendly team help you in any way we can.