• We stock predominately Grass trees, Dragon trees and Queensland bottle trees. sales and service
  • We also supply Boab and WA Christmas trees to order.
  • All with mind blowing aesthetics of sizes and configurations!!
  • We offer a superb, fully guaranteed installation.
  • All Trees come with simple step-by-step planting & after care guide.
  • Courtesy Trailer available.                                                                                                                                             


  • Choose, make a 25% deposit, and complete your purchase within six months.
  • If you are in Western Australia, we can deliver and install your new look landscape within three days of order, statewide.
  • Interstate orders can be easily managed, with a delivery time of approximately two weeks.
  • Global/Export orders are NOT a problem - delivery approx. 6 weeks.
  • We do on-site maintenance with our post-planting service, ensuring that your Grasstrees not only grow, but also grow well.
  • A six-montly expert maintenance and trimming visit can keep your grass trees looking as they did the day you bought them.boabmike.jpg
  • Also, with our expertise and specialised equipment, we can transplant, store for future use, maintain and relocate virtually ANY kind of tree.
  • Purchase price will vary according to the size and configuration.


  • This is for the DIY gardener. Come with us into the Bush and get your Grasstrees at 50% discount! 
  • We will extract them responsibly, under licence, and load them in your truck or trailer.
  • Once you are on the Harvest Direct Notification list, we can usually give 2-3 days' notice.